Centre Philosophy

Hillsong Child Care Centre aims to provide a high quality Christian Child Care Service that promotes an environment that fosters security, peace and harmony for children, families and staff.

We believe Early Childhood forms a foundation for the development of skills needed for life. As such, we aim to provide each and every child with the best possible stimulation, education, development and care.

Our philosophy focuses on respecting and valuing each child as an individual and fostering his/her feelings of self-esteem through the provision of challenging and developmentally appropriate programming experiences. We value each child with sensitivity and acceptance. We value children as explorers, full of curiosity about themselves, others and their world. Open, honest and positive communication promotes a harmonious environment which fosters active partnerships between children, parents and staff.

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Creative input into the Centre’s environment promotes a unique and inviting atmosphere.

  • Children learn most readily through their interaction with the environment. Therefore, the programme reflects the following philosophy:
  • Each child is unique with unique needs, interests and strengths. All children go through accepted stages of development. However, not every child will reach each stage at the same age; therefore each child will be catered for as an individual.
  • Each child comes to the centre with a different set of experiences which are acknowledged and respected. It is important to maintain continuity between the home and the centre and so parental involvement is encouraged and parents recognised as partners in the educative process.
  • Young children learn through doing, experimenting, experiencing, predicting and achieving. Play is an essential part of this learning process.
  • It is important to enhance each child’s feelings of self-worth, to promote confidence and belief in his/her own abilities. Healthy self-esteem is the basis of positive intellectual, social and emotional growth.
  • Staff demonstrates respect for all children equally without bias. Each child is also encouraged to respect the needs, feelings and property of others.
  • Each child requires a nutritional, well-balanced diet. Meals provided give adequate nutrition and take into account the child’s home and cultural backgrounds. Meal times are an integral part of the child’s learning experience.
  • Each child requires consistent limits and positive guidelines appropriate to his/her age/stage of development. The centre aims to foster a warm positive approach to behaviour management in order to foster self- control, in turn developing the child socially and emotionally.

Hillsong Child Care Centre aims to:

  • Develop within the child a positive self esteem, self concept, independence and an ability to use his/her initiative through focusing on successful experiences
  • Encourage each child to develop the desire to learn.
  • Foster growth and positive attitudes and give values to assist in decision making.
  • Support parents in the care of their children, through a homelike environment.
  • Compliment the child’s home environment and foster continuity between the home and the Centre.
  • Create a learning environment in which each child can develop at his/her own pace through an individualised program.
  • Encourage choices with set limits.
  • Reflect an anti bias approach to develop positive gender, racial, cultural, class and individual identities.
  • Provide a caring environment in which all children can feel happy and secure.
  • Develop in children an interest and curiosity in their world.
  • Provide a range of individual and group experiences.
  • Encourage staff, parents and management to work together as a team.

Hillsong Child Care Centre aims for the children to:

  • Experience a program that is flexible and meets the immediate and long term needs of children on a individual basis so they can develop to their fullest potential
  • Develop their social, emotional, physical, cognitive, and creative and self-help skills.
  • Participate in concrete hands on experiences
  • Experience acceptance and happiness in a centre based environment.

Hillsong Child Care Centre aims for the staff to:

  • Work as a team.
  • Facilitate each child’s learning and development.
  • Support the Centre’s policies, program and philosophy.
  • Develop their abilities through training, attendance at staff meetings and resourcing through current child care books, journals and publications.
  • Implement their abilities and knowledge within the program, and continually monitor and evaluate the program.

Hillsong Child Care Centres aims for the Parents to:

  • Recognise and utilise the staff as a resource support in all aspects of their child’s development.